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Ordered set of clubs with senior graphite shafts. Received uniflex steel shaft set. When I complained by email ,which is the only way to communicate with them, I was told they didn't even offer the senior graphite shaft set. I then went on the web site and ordered the graphite set. I then immediately cancelled the order but they didn't cancel the order but shipped them anyway. Now I have 2 set that I am sending them back for credit but they will... Read more

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I recently purchased what was described as "used mint Pro V1 golf balls". When they arrived they were refinished golf balls. This is not what I ordered, as used and refinished are not the same thing. I contacted Rock Bottom Golf and was told I could return them but I would be responsible for the return shipping charge and the credit I would receive would be less the original shipping charge. I do not believe I should be responsible for shipping... Read more

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Been buying from them for the last 5 years no problems real product and packaged sealed

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Do not believe it when RockBottom Golf says items will be shipped out by 2:00pm. I ordered an item on Monday before 2:00pm and it was not shipped until late Wednesday. I needed to have it by Friday so I paid extra for shipping. When I tried to call the company, no one answered. I left a voice message. Needing the item by Friday, I found another company that sold it. I paid expedited shipping again at this company. I immediately called and... Read more

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I just received my order of new Adams clubs and new cart bag. I could not be more happy with my purchase and the service was awesome. I will shop RBG in,the future

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I purchased this item: Taylor Made Golf- Tour Preferred Wedge. I received the item and immediately noticed the degree of bounce was 11°, but the pictures in the listing show a bounce degree of 10°. I called, but was told that return issues would have to be handled through email. I explained the situation in the email, and the person said there was nothing in the product description that indicates what the bounce would be. What about the PICTURE... Read more

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Paid for via PayPal , set of aero irons by Taylor made last week and have not receives any word about my purchase. No shipping date, no nothing !! Why don't you guys tell me Something , please !! I have done business with rock bottom golf a few years back , so I know they are good .. Any Anderson .. I don't know I have to type a whole letter just to tell you about my purchase that I have not heard from .. If I ever get my... Read more

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Terrible service. I ordered a set of irons on sale during the British open. They never shipped although I did receive a confirmation. Was then told they would no longer honor the discount and told me to keep watching as they may go on sale again

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Rockbottom Golf has a sale on July 6. I call three times and could not get through to place an order. I left a voicemail per instructions and promised a call back within 4 hours. 26 hours later, I get a phone call. The did get a small discount on the order but it was still higher than the sale price. the salesperson was was very nice but bottom line, they never answer the phone line on the first time, don't honor the sale price and don't... Read more

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I provided feedback about not being able to cancel my order at 6 am the next day of placing order at 6 PM. They said that's just how it works so I was unhappy about the response and expressed my feeling. They emailed back saying "you are upset because you messed up the order...."yup that's what they wrote to a customer.   I was upset because they didn't open my email requesting cancellation until 3 days later and they didn't... Read more

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