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Counterfeit clubs

I purchased a "Callaway" wood from RBG a about a year ago. A month or so ago, the shaft broke. I tried to contact RBG but of course they are of no help. Via email, they told me that they would need the sales receipt, original packing slip, etc. Who keeps the original...
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Useless *** who send incorrect items and expect you to pay to ship back to them at your cost

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Kingwood, Texas
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Worst Customer Service Ever!!!

It would take me over an Hour to explain how many ways I am dissipointed, disgusted and embarassed by useing this company. No one ever answered the telephone, I sent 17 emails to stop the order as a mistake had been mad. Their attitude was that I could send back my clubs as soon as they arrived.The problem was that I ordered Left handed clubs instead of right handed. I would have been a simple fix. Now they want to charge me double. All I can do at this time is to tell as many people as I know to do business with anyone else but these people. atp
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I ordered two pair of Adaias golf shoes. I normally wear a size 12 and I ordered a size 12.

The shoes were tight and felt a 1/2 size too small.

I called and called and emailed and emailed, only to have them tell me that i would be double charged...horible customer service. Done with Rock Bottom "Service" Golf

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Reston, Virginia

Do not use rock bottom golf

They would have to have the worst customer service of any interenet retail store I have ever used. Firstly I purchased a Driver from rock bottom golf, they sent my a totally different club not even the same brand. After emailing them to notify them of there error, they said they would refund me or I could purchase the club I didn't order and half the price. I purchased the club and asked for my correct order to be sent, which I got 2 weeks later. I thought that this would be a one off, so I ordered something else from them, my mistake. I purchased a hybrid plus 3 dozen golf balls. I got the hybrid, but no golf balls, so again I emailed them, this time no stuffing around, I asked for a refund, they said that they would refund me the balls plus delivery or they would send me the balls. I just wanted my money back so I asked for the refund. 4 days and 4 emials passed and I got no response from them. Finally they reply with we will refund you the amount of the balls but the manager said he can't refund the delivery. What a load of rot, so I took the next step and I recommend everyone do this if you purchase using your credit card, go too your bank and process a chargebacxk, they don't have a leg to stand on....... Never use rock bottom golf, they just rip you off.
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SAme thing happened to me. I ordered a hybrid, a golf bag, a hat, and an umbrella.

The only thing that they sent me was an umbrella and it has been 2 weeks an I am still waiting on the rest of my order.

Then they also said that they shipped it by UPS as they gave in an email to me, but then later when I emailed them to complain they said it was sent via FedEx. I would not trust this company at all!!!


Letter to Rock Bottom Golf:

INITIAL LETTER: 09/06/2008

Please note that at this point I simply want what I paid for and truly have

NO intention of ever using your services again. I would add further, that I also intend to inform friends, family and fellow Golfers to BEWARE of companies like Rock Bottom Golf, who have demonstrated a single goal to fraudulently accept payment for services and fulfill their obligation at


I completed my order on Friday morning, September 5th, and received notification that the order had shipped in accordance with the premium paid for Next Day Noon receipt The receipt provided

by Rock Bottom Golf noted that UPS was the courier, however, upon further investigation I found that FedEx was the carrier, and that the scheduled Delivery Date was September 8th, well beyond being able to use my purchase as intended. I paid Rock Bottom Golf a total amount of $543.88, which included $77.99 for premium shipping (Next Day by Noon) and have only received incorrect information, poor service and a half-hearted attempt to respond to customer inquiry via an unmanned Customer Service number.

Rock Bottom Golf represents an unfortunate and accurate example of why consumers are reluctant to purchase items online, and although I am certain that your organization will cite favorable Customer Satisfaction Metrics, my experience is the only concern that I possess. As I noted previously, my intention is to receive my purchase, receive a full credit for shipping and to be rid of any reliance upon Rock Bottom Golf, as you have proven yourselves inadequate and borderline fraudulent... My worst ecommerce experience.

UDPATE: 09/08/2008

Upon reviewing my bank statement I now see that Rock Bottom Golf has charged my account twice for purchases, against my consent. I am working with my banking institution now.

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Pay the extra money to buy somewhere else. Its not worth dealing with a non existent customer service. In short, I ordered irons and putter back on June 12. Paid extra shipping to have delivered 2nd day. Received only the putter. Contacted them about it and asked to have refund if it wasn't shipped out yet. They agreed. So, I was waiting for my refund and to my surprise, one day I received a package from Rockbottom. It was my iron set. The date was July 20!!! Over a month has passed. Then I sent it back to them. They said then that they will have a refund processed when they receive the item. It is now Aug 23 and I still don't have refund. This is CRAZY!!! DO NOT USE THEM> DO NOT USE THEM> DO NOT USE THEM> DO NOT USE THEM. I can't express this enough! This is not how a business is supposed to be run. I'm surprised they are still in business.
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I have purchased one thing from RBG. Got the item but I know that it was overstock as that stock number was not available on the producers website (OK, should have checked that but i didn't).

Now, I want to buy some wedges but not sure I trust them. As posted below, they are on Ebay so I begin to wonder how big an organization they are or are they just a warehouse operation.

Nothing wrong in any of that but IMO if you can't have good customer service (as others have experienced) and you can't trust the quality of what you get doing business with them is marginal.


yup they suck takes forever to get anything from them. i should have looked to see what there phone number was before buying yeah no phone thats why they suck dont buy from them




Scratch at RBG is brilliant. I am in Australia and he got my stand bag to me in 3 days. I will continue to use RBG.


I have made 5+ purchases from RBG. Brilliant to deal with, products are great.

Ships to Australia in 4 days. Awesome.


Sorry you had a bad experience.

I have purchased dozens of items from Rock Bottom over the years, and I have had nothing but good luck with them.

I will continue to deal with "Scratch"


I have used Rock Bottom numerous times. Everything has arrived on time and correct as to ordered.


Have used RBG numerous times, always delivered on time and correct !!

and thats to the UK !!!

I will continue using the Rockheads !!


Poor customer service. They do not answer phones.


I've had nothing BUT favorable experiences with Rock Bottom Golf. Have placed 6 - 8 orders, always rec'd within 5 business days and never any problems. Purchases have included apparel, balls, and clubs.

Very satisfied customer here.

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New York, New York
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Non existing customer service, lost shipment, waited 6 weeks now..

Ordered u-tri golf balls for almost 400 USD 6 weeks ago. No "email us" at their site. Just a bunch of useless Q & A's. FedEx tells me they have yet to pick up the shipment (i do have a tracking number stuck at "in transit") at RockBottomGolf! Non exsistent customer service and feedback. Just 40 or so discount offers from RBG to my mail account. The total amount was charged to my credit card the day of the purchase. No one is answering mail and even FedEx US is about to give up.. By your golf equipment somwhere else!!
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this is bc he is probably a young kid that made a web site and buys dirt cheap knockoff off ebay then puts them on his web site for a little more but still cheaper then a local retailer and makes a cupple buck....


they are horrible. I ordered 3 clubs got one and they said tough, try and get your money back thru your credit card co.

They have no cs agent you must deal thru computer, you can not speak to a human. really bad co.


The customer service is horrid they lie about shipping times and dates save your self the trouble go elsewhere


I found this on their site. ...."If after 24 hours you fail to see tracking results, please email us at OrderStatus at RockBottomGolf dotcom"


If after 24 hours you fail to see tracking results, please email us at OrderStatus@***.com!

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Bodo, Nordland
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Lied to me and did not offer full refund.

This company lies and does little or nothing to help should you have an issue. I was sent the wrong item, was told it was my fault (it was not) told if I sent it back would be charged a 15% restocking fee. However if I ordered the correct item they would waive the restocking fee of 15%. Well, I did order the new item, sent them my order number for the new item as requested, was sent a polite email telling me the 15% was waived and the full credit would be issued, well, you guessed it, not only was the credit issued minus 15% when I try to email them they say they have no record of me ever ordering anything from them!! This outfit is so full of ***
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Vienna, Virginia

Poor communication and did not send new item

My son received some golf gloves for Christmas that were too big. So I found out they were from and called the company. They were very friendly and told me to send them in and they would exchange them, so I did. That was 1/20 and it is 3 months later and we still do not have the replacement. I call and email weekly. Finally last week they told me the gloves were on backorder. Then a day later they tell me they refunded the gloves, which is not true, plus they were a gift and so what is my son supposed to do. So now I have a young son who is upset because 4 months later he still does not have his Christmas present. Very frustrating.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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