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Pay the extra money to buy somewhere else. Its not worth dealing with a non existent customer service.

In short, I ordered irons and putter back on June 12. Paid extra shipping to have delivered 2nd day. Received only the putter. Contacted them about it and asked to have refund if it wasn't shipped out yet.

They agreed. So, I was waiting for my refund and to my surprise, one day I received a package from Rockbottom. It was my iron set. The date was July 20!!!

Over a month has passed. Then I sent it back to them. They said then that they will have a refund processed when they receive the item. It is now Aug 23 and I still don't have refund.

This is CRAZY!!! DO NOT USE THEM> DO NOT USE THEM> DO NOT USE THEM> DO NOT USE THEM. I can't express this enough! This is not how a business is supposed to be run.

I'm surprised they are still in business.

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I have purchased one thing from RBG. Got the item but I know that it was overstock as that stock number was not available on the producers website (OK, should have checked that but i didn't).

Now, I want to buy some wedges but not sure I trust them. As posted below, they are on Ebay so I begin to wonder how big an organization they are or are they just a warehouse operation.

Nothing wrong in any of that but IMO if you can't have good customer service (as others have experienced) and you can't trust the quality of what you get doing business with them is marginal.


yup they suck takes forever to get anything from them. i should have looked to see what there phone number was before buying yeah no phone thats why they suck dont buy from them




Scratch at RBG is brilliant. I am in Australia and he got my stand bag to me in 3 days. I will continue to use RBG.


I have made 5+ purchases from RBG. Brilliant to deal with, products are great.

Ships to Australia in 4 days. Awesome.


Sorry you had a bad experience.

I have purchased dozens of items from Rock Bottom over the years, and I have had nothing but good luck with them.

I will continue to deal with "Scratch"


I have used Rock Bottom numerous times. Everything has arrived on time and correct as to ordered.


Have used RBG numerous times, always delivered on time and correct !!

and thats to the UK !!!

I will continue using the Rockheads !!


Poor customer service. They do not answer phones.


I've had nothing BUT favorable experiences with Rock Bottom Golf. Have placed 6 - 8 orders, always rec'd within 5 business days and never any problems. Purchases have included apparel, balls, and clubs.

Very satisfied customer here.


I have tried dealing with this company also. i was looking for a club I could not find anywhere.

So i emailed them asking if they have the club I was looking for. Low and behold they said they did not have any. So i went the ebay route looking for this club. Well in the last 3 days they have listed 2 of the exact club i was searching for.

So you can imagine that i have got no response from them after inquiring.

I,m not sure what kind of buisness they run there Retail or ebay sales. I guess they do not know either.

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